Cherchez la femme Collection 2015

      Since ancient times, the number 7 is considered particularly : sacred, symbolic, sometimes even mystical. That he attributed special significance and connection with higher powers because of its indivisibility. Has anyone thought, and received an answer to the questions: why there are 7 planets, the color of the rainbow spectrum of 7 colors, 7 Archangels, 7 sins by Dante, 7 musical notes?
        I would suggest that something like this, no one will ever be able to solve a real woman: what she wants, what she is capable of, what is and what is its true strength, deep and mysterious as her inner world, what is its mission? Even as a woman, I'm not ready to answer these questions. Actually, it arose in me a need and a desire to write a 7 paintings, which will be the leitmotif of the woman.
      The name of each painting - very feminine word, reflecting the enormous power and strength in the life of any of us. Love. Jealousy. Pain. Passion. A game. Luxury. A life. All her experiences and feelings that she experiences, living every day, driven by it, help to explore the world and themselves. They inevitably bring about changes in its present and future. Or are the imprint of the shadows in her mind.
       The common thread through painting peonies are a symbol of beauty and greatness of the woman. As a symbol of her tender and delicate soul. As a symbol of infinite happiness and deep love.
       And I would like to see every woman in my modest writings recognize themselves imbued with my work, and, like a peony bud, budded and bloomed some new, of course, his own life. Maybe my paintings will help you find it yourself "today" to get acquainted with them and decide on plans for "tomorrow" by selecting for yourself that which is closer to her. And, as the French say: «Cherchez la femme». Search a woman. His woman.

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