Julia Vannetti (Skornyakova) in hailing from cold Siberia in Russia. She entered the artist's way in early childhood. She inherited the talent from his grandfather-a self-taught artist. Life developed so that Julia graduated as lawyer and worked more than 10 years. But then she dramatically changed the vector of her life. Julia example of how for short time it is possible to realise one's true applicability and to begin to engage in what is given beyond. Her creativity consists in constant search of new ideas and experiments, in order to keep step in due course and there to be no the hostage of one art style.
Julia actively participates in exhibitions and competitions for artists in Russia, Europe, and the USA since 2016.

 Creative credo Artist Julia Vannetti (Skornyakova)


   My art is the embodiment of mind and fantasy, emotional experiences of love and creativity.

   What I experience in my painting process is but a quiet conversation between the creator and its creation. A good painting is where I have achieved to reflect my inner self. I hope to bring my experiences and their teachings into the lives of others. Perhaps, by interpreting my paintings, people may find a place of spiritual resonance and be able to open conversation with their inner thoughts too.

I decided to follow the career of the an artist. I realized painting was where my heart was , because no matter where I went, I always had a burning desire to painting. My art is my voice and mirror of my soul.